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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Lumica: The Adventure Begins Chapters 4 and 5 (Free to read)

ARC 1 (The Cornestia Arc)

Chapter 4 – Kiss of Life

  The next day, or should we call it the day that it all began. I woke up at 7am, I got up and went to the hallway. I noticed that down the hallway, Jonah was working on something. Of course, I wanted to know what it was. I headed towards Jonah to ask, but he shaked his head. Obviously, it was something related to the mission, but he just didn’t want to show me it yet. As I headed back to my room, I saw Lucy’s door was a little open. Being the gentleman that I am, I asked,
  “Lucy, is it safe for me to enter?”
  “Yeah it’s ok.”

  I walked into Lucy’s room, I noticed her standing near the window. She was looking out of it. She was wearing a cute blue pyjama top with rather tiny shorts. She turned to my direction and spoke,
  “Morning Luke.”
  “Good Morning Lucy.”

  Her long beautiful legs were quite distracting to my eyes, but I was more distracted by the way she was staring at me. Her eyes glowing, with what looked like excitement. I certainly wondered as to why she was so happy, before I could question her. She walked over to me and picked up two different dresses from the bed and spoke,
  “Which one should I wear today Luke?”

  The two dresses were quite different, one was sparkly blue, and the other one was purple that was well, quite revealing. I looked at each dress and decided with,
  “What about the blue one?”

  Lucy smiled at me and agreed to it. She put the other dress back in the wardrobe.
  “How are you feeling about today?”

  I answered with,
  “Not sure, I want to show off my magic and help Jonah but on the other hand I don’t really like the idea of killing them.”

  Lucy’s expression changed from joy to sadness. She grabbed the blue dress and said,
  “I don’t really know If I can kill someone in all honesty, even if they’re not human.”

  Jonah had come to Lucy’s room and joined the conversation,
  “It’s not killing, think of it like making them fade away.”

  “Well, when I beat Naout he didn’t die with blood. Instead he turned into black dust.”

  Jonah went on to tell us both, that this will be our new future. If we want to walk out of it with a happy ending, then we must make sure the Valkerius are eliminated, not captured. Jonah then left the room. I told Lucy it’s going to be ok before leaving myself. While Lucy headed for her shower, I headed back to my room. I then got myself ready, as Jonah told us that we needed to meet him in the main room at 1pm for the plan.

  The clock moves forward to 1pm.

  So, it’s now 1pm and me, Lucy, Annabelle and Kati are waiting in the main room for Jonah. It kind of seems like yesterday, when we were waiting for the training session. We are stood in the same room I saw Jonah in this morning, and it seems the thing he was working on is covered by a white blanket. This is the main room, in which it connects to the training room at one side and the opposite side is the 3 hallways, that lead to everyone’s rooms. Well apart from Jonah’s room, his room is separate from the hallways. Also, the kitchen is a part of the main room. Anyway, Jonah enters and walks over to his secret project. He takes off the blanket before saying,
  “Ok, so you might be wondering what this is. Well, it’s a machine that Richard created but I did some extra work on it myself. The point in this machine is simple, this machine can track both locations of Kelephonions and the locations of Valkerius in each city.”

  I looked at him with a shocked face, I guess I imagined finding them to be the hard part, but I guess there is such a convenient machine that will make this easier for us.
  I replied to Jonah with,
  “A machine, wow I didn’t expect it to be that simple.”

  Annabelle gets a word in before Jonah can respond to me,
  “So how does this machine work exactly?”

  That’s a good question, I thought to myself.

  Jonah then pressed a button in the center of the machine, which seems to have turned it on. Some very strange coloured flashing lights appeared on screen, before displaying a map. Jonah points to the map and says,
  “Ok, so basically this is the map of this city, there is also maps of eleven other nearby cities. We might need to create some more but for now it should do.”

  Jonah then aimed his finger at what appeared to be a black circle on the map and told us,
  “I decided that the Kelephonions would be black circles on the maps, and Valkerius would be red circles.”

  I walked over to the machine and noticed a close by area that had two black circles, followed by 1 red circle.
  “So, this area right here has two Kelephonions and one Valkerius right?”

   Kati, Annabelle and Lucy also seemed intrigued by my question.

  “Yes, exactly Luke. Not only that, but when I do this.”

  Jonah clicked on the two black circles on the screen. A pop up came up showing two silhouette characters and some information about them.

  “Information pops up. So, according to this, these two are called Jack and Jackie. They’re both Kelephonions, and it seems from this data, that they are a couple. They also have stretchy powers.”

  Annabelle looked at the info, while I responded with,
  “So, is this todays mission? Are we going to try to recruit Jack and Jackie to our team?”

  Jonah nodded his head,
  “Yes, I believe this should be a good starting mission for the team. There’s only one Valkerius in that area, so it shouldn’t be too hard.”

  Kati asks Jonah,
  “Is there any information on the Valkerius?”

  Jonah clicks on the pop up which changes the screen back to the map, and then clicks on the red circle. A different pop up appears and this time it looks a little creepier. It’s still a silhouette image though.

  “Actually, according to this, the only information is that the Valkerius is named Robbie Chesire.”

  Lucy who looks a little worried, replies with,
  “That’s very reassuring. So, no mention of power or anything?”

  I looked more closely at the pop up and noticed it said his weight and height but no info on what magic he can use.

  Jonah’s job now was to make us feel more at ease with the mission.
  “Don’t worry, after the training from yesterday, you four along with myself will find this mission a piece of cake.”

  We agreed with what Jonah said and then I asked him,
  “So what time should we set off?”

  Jonah rubs his hands together,
  “Well, that area is only a ten-minute walk away, so how about we set off in twenty minutes. That should give you one last moment to prepare, before we go on this mission together.”

  We all nodded to Jonah and headed back to our rooms. Annabelle and Kati headed to their shared room, while me and Lucy headed back to ours, well that was until I asked Lucy if she wants to come into my room for a moment.

 “I guess it’s almost time to begin this.”
  I said.

“I’m a little worried, but its five of us against one person. I don’t imagine it could be that difficult.”
Lucy replied with.

 I picked up my scythes, that were up until now pressed against the right-side wall, and put them on my back before saying,
  “Jonah is incredibly powerful. He might be able to defeat that Valkerius all by himself.”

  “So why does he need us then?”

  “Well, no matter how powerful a person is, everyone has a weakness and there will always be someone stronger. Teamwork is better than going solo.”

  Lucy gave me a sweet smile, before crossing her arms. I walked over to her and told her,
  “You don’t need to worry Lucy. I know I’m not the strongest, but I will try no matter what, to make sure we survive this day together.”

  Lucy’s smile shined a little more brightly, before she responded with,
  “I hope so.”

  Now let’s check in with Annabelle and Kati in their room.

  So, Kati is sat on the bed, while Annabelle is kneeled on the bed. Annabelle is giving Kati a neck massage to calm her nerves before the mission. Annabelle tells Kati,
  “I gotta say, that film last night was pretty awesome.”

  Kati smiles at her.
  “Yay, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. It’s such a good movie.”

  Just as Kati said that, Annabelle began massaging Kati’s shoulders, as her hands rubbed against them, Kati turned her head a little and spoke,
  “That feels good.”

  Annabelle, who keeps massaging her asks,
  “Are you ready to begin the mission?”

  Kati’s chest starts to hurt a little from the thought of having to kill someone. Yet in a firm and confident voice, Kati replies with,
  “Thanks to what you said last night, I am ready. I’m not looking forward to the killing part but if it’s to save the world, then I am ready.”

  Annabelle is happy with how confident Kati just sounded. Annabelle takes her hands away from Kati’s shoulders and hunches over her. Annabelle basically hugs Kati from behind and tells her,
  “That’s so brave of you. I’m feeling scared too you know. But as long as the team sticks together, then we should all be ok.”

  Annabelle lets go of Kati and gets up from the bed.
  “I guess it’s time to go now right?”

 Kati also sits up, and grabs a small jacket to put over her top. She turns around to see Annabelle putting on a coat as well.
Kati responds to Annabelle with,
  “Yes, it’s time.”

  The two girls head for the door, Me and Lucy have already gone to the main room. Kati and Annabelle show up, followed by Jonah. He has printed off a simple map of the area we’re heading to.

  “Ok guys and girls, it’s officially time to do this.”
  Jonah told us.
  None of us really know much about what we’re facing, in fact we know very little about the enemy altogether. The main aim for this mission is to recruit Jack and Jackie and to take out Robbie Chesire. Jonah walked towards the main rooms outside door and opened it. As we felt the air sweep it’s way in, we knew what we were about to do.
 I am ready, I thought to myself.
 So together me, Lucy, Annabelle, Kati and Jonah headed off on our first recruiting/elimination mission.

  Meanwhile somewhere close by, a man is standing.
  “I was mistaken, they seem to have found a way to track us. We can’t have that now, can we.”

  The man’s name is Lerone and yes, he is a Valkerius. Lerone’s magic is mind magic and he can sense almost anything, as well as see people’s locations. Pretty much, he has the same ability Jonah’s machine as, except he can also send brainwave attacks using his mind. Lerone is five feet six inches tall and has dark green hair. He has sideburns on each side of his face, along with a pair of glasses. He’s wearing a fancy suit and currently crossing his arms. Lerone uncrosses his arms and shouts,
  “Is your team ready Rejin?”

  You then hear a voice reply to him saying yeah.
  “Good, I hope you didn’t expect it to be so easy. After all, where’s the fun in that now.”
  Lerone then starts to chuckle, while fixing his glasses.

  Back to our group. We are about five minutes into the walk. The walk was only about ten minutes to begin with, as the first destination we chose, was very close to our home. Jonah is in front, me and Lucy are next, while Annabelle and Kati are behind us.

  “So, who’s going to battle this Robbie guy?”
  Kati asked the group.

  Jonah turned around.
  “It’s not really about who, it’s more about when. So, to answer your question, I guess whoever sees him first.”

  We continued walking for about another minute. The wind in the air was blowing quite strongly, however the place was warm. There was a bright sun up in the sky shining down on us. I would say the weather was a nice combination today. As we all walked past some houses, into a big open space, I noticed that someone was there. I turned to my left and shouted,
  “Who’s there?”

  Just as I did, a man jumped from the closest rooftop on the left and threw a giant tree at us. I managed to block the tree with my scythes, but it did startle everyone. As the man walked forward I noticed long poles sticking out of the guys hands. He looked rather tall, at a guess about six feet three inches or so. He wore a leather jacket, along with black trousers. He has dark green hair along with quite a thick beard.

  Jonah, while behind everyone asked the guy,
  “Are you Robbie by any chance?”

  The guy started to laugh.
  “Nope, my name is Rejin, however I’m a Valkerius.”

  Just as he said that, he used those poles from his hands, to move about five giant logs, which were on the ground to the right of us and he slammed them straight into us from above. Jonah managed to avoid it, however the rest of us did not. Me, Lucy, Annabelle and Kati were sent deep underground by the damage of the giant logs. The ground we are on isn’t that strong as you can tell. Of course, the first chance to do some defending and we failed. Jonah held his ground,
 “You will not get away with that.”

  Jonah placed himself in position to battle Rejin. He then clicked both of his fingers and a magic book appeared. Rejin looked quite puzzled at this and tossed some nearby tables and chairs at Jonah. Jonah then casted a magic spell called Reflector, in which this reflected the tables and chairs back at Rejin, but he managed to dodge the attack before it hit him. Jonah then threw the book into the air and created a giant arch of colours, which is a spell called Death Paint. Jonah clicked his fingers and the death paint spell activated. The paint was sent at Rejin, but it quickly changed from paint into colourful beam of light. Rejin blocked himself by putting a door from a nearby house in front of him, to take the attack. Jonah was about to cast another spell but Rejin’s men surrounded him. This distracted Jonah, in which Jonah was sent flying into the nearby wall. Rejin then used more giant logs to trap him. As Jonah was trying to escape, Rejin came up to him and said,

  “I’m sure you’ll find a way out. I couldn’t care less about you, my only goal is to wipe out your team mates. They could have experienced a miracle and survived, so me and my friends will make sure there eliminated permanently, ok.”

  Jonah is trying to free himself from the giant logs, while Rejin and his men, head towards the hole to get underground, to eliminate the rest of us.

  I finally woke up, after been sent into the underground by the falling logs attack. I looked to the left of me to see Lucy’s lower half, as her top half is under some rocks. I quickly move the rocks to free her. Lucy has a cut going down her left cheek, along with many bruises. I helped her up and said,
  “Are you ok Lucy?”
  Lucy coughs a little from the dirt that’s down here.
  “Yeah, I’m ok.”

  I looked up to see that the area we had fallen into has no way back up.
  “I can’t believe we failed so easily. Also, who is Rejin? I thought this area only had one Valkerius?”

  “Luke, we have bigger things to worry about right now, like where is Annabelle and Kati?”

  I turned my head to see no signs of either of them. This is definitely not a good start to this new life.
  In an anxious and scared voice, I shouted,
  “Annabelle, Kati, where are you?”

  After shouting it for a while I heard someone shout back “I’m over here.” Oh wait it sounds like Annabelle. Me and Lucy head over to where we heard the sound, to see Annabelle’s foot trapped under a rock. Me and Lucy together remove the rock and help Annabelle to her feet. She thanked us both with a hug.
  “Thanks. Have you guys seen Kati at all?”

  We looked around, worried that Kati is hurt, we decided it would be best to all split up to look for her. I went forward down a long thin path while calling her name. Lucy went left, while also shouting her name. Annabelle went down the right path, also calling out her name. After walking for a few seconds Annabelle noticed some water and looked up to notice some rocks had been moved. Annabelle feared the worst. 
“Guys! I think I’ve found her.”
   Me and Lucy went to Annabelle. She took off her shoes and coat and jumped into the water. Annabelle is good at swimming and she found Kati deep down in the water. She put Kati on her back and swam back to where me and Lucy are. Kati was in the water for no idea how long, which means she needed to be resuscitated. Annabelle placed Kati’s body on the ground and kneeled over her. Annabelle gave Kati mouth to mouth and CPR. Kati didn’t respond at first but after a few attempts she woke up coughing up water. Annabelle’s clothes are drenched but she doesn’t care. Annabelle is thrilled to have Kati back with her and gives her a very close hug.
  “I’m so glad you’re safe. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t make it.”

  Kati puts her hand on Annabelle’s cheek, while looking into her eyes she replies with,
  “Don’t worry Annabelle. It’s going to take a lot more than water to break us up.”

  Annabelle and Kati share a moment of joy and happiness but then I step in.
  “Ok, so we are all saved. Now what? How do we plan to get out of this cave?”

  Lucy answers me with,
  “I think the path I went possibly has an exit.”

  Annabelle and Kati both get up, they’re both drenched. Kati grabs Annabelle’s hand.
 As the four of us walk towards the path that Lucy was talking about, Annabelle asks the group,
  “So, I guess we have two Valkerius to take on this mission now.”

  I turn to her.
“It looks that way. First, we need to find a way out of this underground and find Jonah. I hope he’s doing ok.”

   After I said that, Jonah breaks free from the giant logs and casts a magic spell that allows him to locate us.
  “Good, at least everyone is still alive. I guess it could have been worse. Now I need to meet up with them. I’ll head in the direction they’re going but on land.”

  While we attempt to escape the underground, Jonah is heading our way but on land. It so happens that the direction we are going to, actually leads to Jack and Jackie.

 My team have been walking down the path Lucy mentioned for a few minutes. We get to a big open area underground. Kati notices an area that looks like it leads upwards. It’s quite a steep climb but it’s what we were searching for.

  “It looks like we found our way-out guys.”

  “Good, the sooner we finish this mission, the sooner we can get out of these wet clothes.”
Annabelle responds to Kati with.

  As we walk towards the upper path, we get ambushed by several men and a couple of women.

I wonder who these are, they all seem to have magic. Rejin then enters from behind us. 
“I can’t believe you are all still breathing. You won’t be for very long though.”

  He gives us an evil stare, before launching some nearby rocks at us. This is it, we trained yesterday for this battle. I used both my scythes to block the rocks, I then turned to everyone to tell them,
  “Annabelle, Kati could you take out those guys please, this way me and Lucy can focus on Rejin?”

  Annabelle and Kati nodded before launching themselves at the Valkerius. Kati quickly turned into her cat girl form and leaped over 3 Valkerius, before launching a powerful claw attack at them. Kati is shocked when all three of them die, well more like turn into black dust.
  “What just happened?”

  Annabelle blasted ice at about five Valkerius which took them all down and they also turned into black dust. Annabelle and Kati regrouped after taking out the Valkerius.
  “I guess Jonah was right, they’re more like monsters than people.”

  Annabelle and Kati looked in our direction, to see what was happening with me and Lucy. I kept swiping my scythes at Rejin, but he seemed to be easily avoiding them. Lucy went in to punch him but that didn’t work either. We both ran towards Rejin, but he blasted us with nearby rocks. We went flying into the walls in the area. As my body crashed onto the ground, I noticed Annabelle and Kati running towards Rejin. Annabelle sent about six ice blasts directly at him but using his object mover magic he didn’t take a single blow. Kati leaped from above and landed on his face. She kept striking, with her cat claws. After a few claws to the face, Rejin blasts Kati with a rock. Kati goes straight into Annabelle. The force isn’t overpowering though, as Annabelle manages to catch Kati and not fall over. The girls decide they need a better plan. I get back to my feet and once again charge myself at him but this time with my shadow magic. I connect with my Shadow strike combo, following it up with my Shadow under driver attack. This sadly is not enough, while Rejin is in the air, he uses his magic to blast a rock onto me.

  As I try to find a way back to my feet, Kati once again goes in with quite a few claw strikes while on the ground. Rejin sends another rock at Kati sending her to the corner. He aims his object mover directly at Kati, I would assume a full on giant rock to the face would be enough to end her life. Annabelle in protection mode, runs towards the rock that’s been aimed at Kati and blasts the rock with ice to protect her. She manages to protect Kati from the rock. However, Annabelle’s left her guard wide open and Rejin sends a rock from both her right and left, straight into her legs. Annabelle falls back onto Kati.
  Kati is worried about Annabelle, I get back up and once more attempt to face him, but he counters my Shadow driver and kicks me onto the ground. Even though we had all that training yesterday, we are all pretty useless right now, against a real Valkerius. Lucy watches on while on her knees. It seems seeing all of her new friends in danger and not being able to beat Rejin is really getting to her. I get up from the ground and notice a weird aura surrounding her. Kati and Annabelle also notice it, while Kati is holding Annabelle.

  Lucy while standing up says,
 “You will not beat us today.”

  What’s happening to Lucy I wonder. Lucy’s hands have a dark glow to them and suddenly the entire underground has a dark aura. Lucy puts her hands together and sends a blast of some unknown magic directly at Rejin. This in turn, sends Rejin straight into the wall at the back of him. Lucy is in shock and so are me, Annabelle and Kati.
  I ask Lucy,
 “What was that?”

  “I don’t know, I didn’t know I had magic at all, and that was just, wow.”
 Lucy replied.

  Annabelle and Kati both stood up and walked towards us. I walked next to Lucy and placed my right hand on her shoulder
  “I don’t know what that was, but it was amazing to watch.”

  Lucy smiled at me. Annabelle and Kati had walked up to us.
  “Girl, that was so cool”
  Annabelle said.

  She then gave Lucy a hug before saying,
  “We should get out of here while we can. With Rejin beat, this is the best chance.”

  While walking towards the upper path, I turned my eyes towards the direction Rejin had been sent, I noticed that he didn’t disappear. I wasn’t going to worry about that, at least not at the moment. Me, Lucy, Annabelle and Kati followed the path up, it actually led to the outside where Jonah was waiting for us.

Chapter 5 – The Stretchy Duo
  We were all shocked and happy at the same time to see Jonah.

  “That was real lucky that we found you so easy.”
  I said.

  Jonah looked at us and gave a tiny giggle. We all looked a little puzzled as to why he was giggling.
  “I tracked you guys, using a magical spell from one of the many books I studied.”

  I guess we should have known Jonah would do something like that. Anyway, the mission wasn’t finished yet. In fact, we haven’t accomplished anything we originally set out to do. I looked at Jonah,
 “With Rejin beat, I guess we can continue the recruitment mission, right?”
 “Yes we can.”

  So, the five of us continued for a little bit. We were now only two minutes from Jack and Jackie’s location. While we headed there, Rejin back on land, gave an evil grin, of course he wasn’t beaten so easily. We all arrived at the location we were told Jack and Jackie would be at. This was at the end of the street, near a few houses. The information on Jack and Jackie said their house number is 26. So together we searched the houses until Kati found the right door. Jonah knocked on the door, after nobody answered, he knocked again.
  “I guess nobody is in today. Well we didn’t picture this happening.”
I said.

  Just as I said that, we heard a voice from behind us.
  “Hello, can we help you guys?”
  As we turned around we noticed two people looking at us. From their descriptions on the machine, I believe this is Jack and Jackie. There the same height at five feet eight inches, While Jackie has fair skin, Jack has a distinct tan skin tone. I notice there holding hands.

  “Hi, first off, are you Jack and Jackie by chance?”
  Jonah asked.

  Jack looked at Jackie and then back at us.
  “Yes, that’s us. What do you guys want?”

  Jack’s expression went more serious, as he was ready to find out what we were about to say.

  “Do you have magical powers by any chance?”
  Jonah asked.

  Jackie started to laugh a little, Jack shaked his head at Jackie and responded to us,
  “If we did, you guys aren’t here to like capture us, or do tests on us are you?”

  I shaked my head, before Jonah answered them,
  “Nope, you’re not in any trouble. Annabelle please show them your magic.”

  Jack and Jackie both looked a little puzzled, Annabelle casted a bit of magic using her hands. This changed Jack and Jackie’s expressions. They seemed very surprised by the ice magic.

  “Wait, so there’s more people like us?”
  Jonah told Jack and Jackie,
  “Yes, there is. You see, to put it simply, your Kelephonion just like us.”
  Jack didn’t have a clue what Jonah was telling him. I decided to say something myself,
“We just found out recently that Jonah here, was fighting another race known as Valkerius. Sadly, almost his entire species died, however he did some spell and brought 250 of his people back but we were reborn as someone else. So, in theory we should all be the same age and have the same birth date.”

  “We do have the same birthday, which we did find a little weird.”
  Jackie replied to me with.

 Jonah walked closer to them.
  “I know this might be a lot to ask but would you guys join us? Our team here, are aiming to take out all the Valkerius and we need as much help as we can get. So, would you guys help us out?”

  Jack and Jackie took a moment to speak between themselves, before giving Jonah an answer.
  “We have decided yes, we will help you guys.”
  Jack said.

  “We have had these powers for a while but never really knew why. It’s better to make something out of your life, if you have a gift like us, right?”
 Jackie responded with.

It seems that the recruitment side of this mission went well, so all that’s left now is to take out Robbie Chesire.

  Jack asked us,
  “So, what now? Do you guys have a base? A place where you hang out and discuss plans and such?”

  Jonah answered with,
  “We have a big home, I guess you could call it our base, although we do live there as well. There are plenty of rooms free for you guys, if you want to stay with us? As for what now, well, we have one task left to do and that is to defeat Robbie Chesire, a Valkerius.”
  Before we could talk some more, a certain face returns. Rejin appears in front of us. Using his polls, he sends two doors from different people’s houses directly at us. Jonah casts a spell, using his book technique, that literally stops the doors. After that, Jack and Jackie stand in front of us with a serious glare on their faces.
  “Ok, so is this the Robbie Chesire you guys were talking about?”
  “Nope, that’s just someone who attacked us earlier. He is however, a Valkerius so he needs to be taken out.”

  Jack and Jackie stood their ground and looked ready to fight Rejin.
  “I guess you guys want to know if we can really fight right? This is our chance Jack. We need to show them what we can do.”

  “Yes darling. Let’s show them what our love can accomplish.”

   Jack and Jackie leaned in and kissed one another, before somehow changing their clothes. Jack has a long red cape around his back, while wearing some strange green spandex suit. Jackie has a green cape around her back, while she is wearing a red spandex bodysuit, which is quite daring with her curvy body. The two of them go back to back while facing Rejin and look ready to battle. Our faces drop as we are all stunned. What the heck I thought to myself.

  “Ok, this is a joke, right? Do I really have to battle the superhero dress up Halloween couple?”
  Just as he said that, Jack launches his arm towards Rejin. We already know that they have stretchy powers but seeing his arm stretch like that, was still shocking. Jack’s long arm knocked Rejin back a little. Jackie then ran at Rejin and kicked him in the face with a super long stretched out kick. This kick did some damage to him. I noticed after her doing this, that Rejins body started to crack a little.
  I asked,
  “Jonah what’s that crack about? Also, Lucy beat him in the underground, yet his body didn’t turn into black dust, why is that?”
  “Me and Kati experienced the black dust thing when we defeated his minions in the underground.”
  Annabelle added.

  Jonah looked stunned at the new information, he never really did understand what this meant.
  “I guess because there from a world of darkness, they don’t have blood but something else.”

 “Well, when I clawed Rejin’s face a lot, he didn’t bleed but his face did crack a little like right now.”
 Kati responded with.

  We were all wondering what it meant.
  “I am assuming that each Valkerius will take a different amount of damage, until they turn into dust. Like in a video game. Some enemies are weak, and others take a lot of hits to beat.”
Jonah assumed.

  While we continued to watch, Jack and Jackie were both battling Rejin. It was cool to watch them work together, Jack kept hitting Rejin with his stretched-out arm, while Jackie used her legs. Together they knocked Rejin into the wall. Rejin, whose face was quite cracked now, got back to his feet, we could sense that maybe he was close to dying, so he used his object mover and threw the barrels from the street we were on, straight at them. They tried to defend themselves, but it was quite overwhelming. I wasn’t going to let them suffer any longer. I ran towards Rejin ready to battle him once more but out of nowhere another guy popped up. He kicked me straight back towards my team, before sending a ball of plasma at us.

  We all managed to dodge at the right time, before the ball hit us. The man stood near us. From what I can now see, this guy is about six feet tall, he has spiky black hair. He’s wearing a black and white striped shirt with red trousers. He introduces himself,
  “Nice to meet you all, my name is Robbie Chesire and I will be your guys doom. So, say your final words.”

  Crap! today’s mission plan is going so wrong. Jack and Jackie have joined us and even Robbie has now made his entrance, but this is not how we imagined it to be. Anyway, I noticed Jack and Jackie getting back to their feet.

  “Don’t worry about us. We will stop Rejin, you guys take out Robbie.”
  Jack shouted.

  Those words were very encouraging to all of us. So, Jack and Jackie continued to face Rejin. I have all my attention aimed at Robbie. We may have failed earlier but this is the real test we have been looking for. I ran at Robbie but before I could strike him, he blasted a plasma ball at me, as I went back a few feet from the attack, Robbie turned and aimed at Jonah. Annabelle and Kati quickly moved Jonah out of the way of the plasma ball. After that, me and Lucy went in with combos. I wacked his face a few times with my Scythes, before turning into my shadow form. Lucy also connected with quite a few hits to him, she moved out of the way, while I connected my 10-hit shadow strike move. We must have done some damage to him, just like Rejin, his face is starting to crack, which I assume means their end is near. Robbie is currently on his knees from the 10-hit combo. He blasts both me and Lucy’s feet with plasma, knocking us both down. He then stands back up and shouts,
  “Is that all you guys can do?”

  In the same area, the other battle is still going strong. Jack connects with tons of stretch punches, while Jackie uses her long legs to send Rejin on to the ground. Now that he’s on the ground, Jackie stretches out her legs in to the air, and slams them into Rejin. He feels an immense amount of pain, due to Jackie wearing heels.

  “Jackie, I feel like he’s on his last legs.”

  Jackie responded with,
   “Let’s finish this.”

  The two of them surrounded Rejin and looked ready to end this fight, however he manages to use his magic to knock a fence into them. As Jack and Jackie manage to stand up, they get ready to truly end this battle.

  Annabelle and Kati are both attacking Robbie. Annabelle is blasting ice at Robbie, while Kati is clawing him. Just like that, Robbie blasts plasma balls at both of them sending them left and right.

  “I guess I should finish this.”
  I said.

  I stood up and once more changed into my shadow form, I charged into Robbie and gave him a Shadow Under Driver, followed by a 10 hit Shadow Strike and lastly a Shadow Driver. This finished him off as Robbie turned into the black dust.

  As I did that, Jack and Jackie dodged Rejin’s attack, in which, he attempted to throw a window from a house at them, and Jack connected a very powerful stretched out punch to Rejin’s face, which knocked him back a few feet, just to have Jackie’s stretched out leg go straight through his body. This obviously turned Rejin to black dust.

  “We did it, we actually did it.”
  Jackie said, before giving Jack a long hug. We are all pleased that we survived the first real mission, even if everything went wrong and not according to what we had planned.

  Annabelle’s injury from earlier was making it a little hard to walk, so Kati was helping her.

 Jonah, impressed by all of us said,
 “So not only did we recruit Jack and Jackie to the team, but we also defeated 2 Valkerius in the process.”

  “Technically, me and Kati took some out as well, but they must have been more like Valkerius minions.”

  “They were incredibly weak. We took them out without any issues.”
  Kati added.

  Jack and Jackie walked over to us. Jonah put out his hands to welcome them to our team.
  They both shaked Jonah’s hands, and we thanked them for helping.
  It is nice to have more team members now.

  Jonah asked,
  “So, if you’re staying with us, you can share a room as you’re a couple, right?”

  Jack looked at Jackie with an intimate gaze.
  “Yeah we are. Jackie, she’s my special girl.”

  Jack touched Jackie’s cheek, before the two of them started locking lips. I guess for a second, they must have forgotten they had company, as their lips were intertwined together. Though it was uncomfortable watching them, it was also a nice image to see a couple so in love with one another.

  “Hello, it’s not really the time or place to be so affectionate.”
  Jonah told them.
  They stopped kissing, and realized they’d got a little bit too close, for everyone to see.
  “Sorry that was my fault. My Jack is irresistible, kissing him is like heaven.”

  They both held each other’s hands, while Jonah tells them something strange.
  “I should tell you that in the original life, back on Kelevaxion, before I used the reborn spell, you two were brother and sister. Your names were Fredric and Samantha Celestia. You were very close even then, just not in the way you are now.”

  “What, brother and sister? It doesn’t matter though. This is a new life, we’re completely different people now, so it’s ok right?”
  Jack Panicked.

  “Of course it is. When I casted that spell in the past, the people who I knew, were dead. It’s sad for me. But using the power of those people, enabled me to cast a spell to create new life in this world. So that someday, they could be reborn. None of you have biological parents, as you were created from magic. I have no problem with you two dating.”

  Jack and Jackie both looked relieved to hear that.
  “So, before we head back, is there any belongings you would like to take with you?”
  Jonah asked.

  Jackie looked at Jack with a nervous expression on her face.
  “Well there’s something.”
  Jackie said while looking like she wanted to hide.

  We all went into their house. Apparently, Jack and Jackie wanted quite a few things. They showed us some old photos of them from nine years ago. They looked pretty cute.

  “That’s when we first met. That day was magical, I was asked out by this girl for a school dance, but she never showed up and Jackie noticed me looking sad. She came up to me and said hello. That evening we shared a dance and ever since that moment we became best friends and a few years down the road I asked her out.”
  Jack said while showing us the photos.

  After spending some time at their house, which even included some tea, they finally found everything they needed to move in with us.
 As we were about to leave the house, Jackie said,
  “Oh wait, there’s that one thing I forgot Jack.”
  She winked at him, he then instantly knew what she meant. Jack went to get the item Jackie was winking about. We then left the house and the couple said their final goodbyes to the home they were living in.
  “I will call someone tomorrow, about getting this house put up for sale.”
  Jackie said.

  It was funny to think that they are giving up their lives just to help us. I guess this is for the best, after all they are Kelephonion and so are we, I’m sure they have many questions that need answering, although saying that, even I still have some unanswered questions going around in my head. We carried Jack and Jackie’s belongings back to the house.

  “Even though this first mission had many things go wrong, it also went well. We succeeded in what we set out to do, so let’s enjoy the evening.”
Jonah said.