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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Lumica: The Adventure Begins Chapters 1 to 3 (Free to read)

(The Adventure begins)


Chapter 1 - The Past

  The story starts 17 years ago on a planet known as Kelevaxian. A planet full of happy, loving people. These people, very similar to humans on earth, spending their days having fun and enjoying life. The species on Kelevaxian are known as Kelephonions. They each have magical powers, and everyone has something unique.
  One day, this happy planet was attacked by a dark planet, called Valkyria. A place created through pure dark magic, and filled with creatures known as Valkerius. They look like humans, however they are created from dark magic energy, and possess their own magic powers, at least that’s what we all thought at the time. The Valkerius invaded Kelevaxian and started destroying cities. In a matter of two weeks the planet had taken about forty percent damage, and nearly half the population had been slaughtered. After another two weeks, almost everyone had been killed. There is only 252 remaining Kelephonions left on the planet, all residing in one village.
  The planet had been damaged so much, that no matter where you went, the smell was like someone who had spent the last six years living in a dumpster. Every single direction must have had at least a dozen dead corpses lying on the ground.
  In the center of the destroyed Kelevaxian, stood a man of average height. He wore a long black coat with red trousers. The man has rather long white hair, that goes a little past his neck, he also wears black glasses. His name is Jonah Solliair, and he is a proud Kelephonion, you can see in his expression, how sad he is that the world he once knew is getting destroyed. Jonah uses a type of magic known as Solliair magic, which is why he got the second name he has now. His magic comes from reading more than three hundred books about magic. It allows his body to use an unlimited number of spells, you could say his magic can’t be matched, but no matter how powerful a person is, you will always find someone stronger.
  Jonah is fighting many Valkerius and he's taken down many of their underlings with single attacks. At this moment Jonah is protecting a village, which consists of 250 people due to the recent invasion. Every single Valkerius is currently on Kelevaxian looking for the remaining village.
  Jonah has a friend named Richard who is a little shorter than him. To be exact he is two inches shorter at five feet nine. He’s got short wavy brown hair and is wearing blue jeans and a hoodie, which currently he has up to cover a scar on his neck.
  Jonah and Richard are working together to stop the Valkerius from attacking the village, however suddenly there is a loud sound from behind. Everyone who they are trying to protect is killed in one single blast. All the bodies of the people they knew fall to the ground, as a tall man starts walking towards them. The man has a stick in his left hand, but this isn’t an ordinary stick. There is a very strong magical presence coming from it. After all, it just killed 250 Kelephonions in one single strike.

The man tilted his head to the side. He looked at the bodies that surrounded him and said,
   "Wow, that was way too easy, this village is pitiful. What a waste."

  He then turned his head to Jonah and Richard. Their expressions turned from panic to anger.
  "Richard, let's take him out."

  Richard nodded his head and they got ready to fight him, however he had started laughing.
  "Kill me?! your planet doesn't have the balls to do that. Once we have killed the two of you, we will find a new planet to annihilate, and if every planet is this pathetic, the universe will be destroyed in no time flat."

  Richard turns to Jonah and puts his left hand on Jonah's shoulder.
     "Jonah, I think it might be time to use that magic."

  Jonah's face changes to a more worried tone.
   "I can't. That magic has many problems of its own remember."

  Richard's squint’s his eye as he responds with,
   "If you don't use the magic, our people will be done for. Sometimes you have no choice but to accept whatever happens, happens."

Jonah shakes his head, while saying,
   "No, no I can't!"

  "Yes, you can, I will be here to guide you along. I have an idea, how about we go to earth and live a new life?"

Jonah's worried look slightly changes into a more peaceful look.
    "OK, I guess if I have no choice."

  The man aims his stick directly at both Jonah and Richard, but before he can attack them, Jonah casts a very powerful magic using his hands. The air surrounding Jonah and Richard turns orange, and a huge cast of magic appears on the ground. The man is shocked at what's happening. All 250 bodies in the area disappear from the ground. In the center of the magic (that appeared on the ground) a portal begins to develop. Jonah grabs Richard’s hand and they both jump into the portal, however before the man can follow them, the portal disappears and the entire of Kelevaxian turns into a frozen crystal.

  As the ice crystal covers the entire of Kelevaxian, Jonah and Richard land on Earth. They have landed on a field near some sheep. Jonah gets up to see babies all over the field.

250 babies lay on the field with Richard and Jonah.

 Jonah's eyes become wide open.
 "Whoa... That is a lot of babies."

  Richard stood up and patted Jonah's back and responded with,
   "Well that is recreation magic, it is very unreal that you managed to get a magic that allowed you to bring the dead back to life, but as a whole new person."

Jonah replies with,
  “So true and It will allow the reborn Kelephonions to possess the same magic powers as the original person had.”

  Richard looked around at all the babies and then looked at Jonah once more.
  "So, what are we going to do with all these babies exactly?"

  "We need to help them get strong. As we don't know how long the crystal covering our planet will last. So, for now we need to find somewhere to live."

Richard responds with,
  "No need, remember my magic allows me to create anything right? and I was the one that covered our planet in the crystal after all."

In a blink of an eye Richard used his creation magic to create a house. A very large house, that took up most of the field. Don’t worry about the sheep, as they are completely fine. Richard and Jonah started to take the babies into the house.
  From here Jonah and Richard started living a new life, they got plenty of food as Richard kept creating it, he created cash for other household items as well. They also decided to make the place an adoption home, where anyone from the area could adopt one of the babies. As 250 children were very hard to handle. Life went back to good times for them, as they spent the next portion of their life living together, looking after the 250 reborn Kelephonions.

Chapter 2 - 17 Years Later

  So, the story now takes place 17 years later. A lot of things have happened, for starters pretty much all of the 250 reborn Kelephonions have moved to a new home. All except two of them were adopted. Also, after seven years, Richard moved out and decided to have a place of his own. However, Jonah remained the father figure to the Kelephonions that were still living in the house. I am one of the only two left, my name is Luke Maple. I am 17 years of age, I was once a Kelephonion named Jackson, however at this point I was not aware of that. In fact, I wasn't aware of much at all except that I had powers. This is where the story really begins.

  Jonah is in the kitchen of the house that Richard created. He is the only one in the room. He grabs the mobile phone from the desk that’s near the fridge and says,
  "Hey Richard, long time no speak, how are you doing these days?"

  "I’m doing ok. How are things with you?"
  "Well, let’s say this place is very empty now that only 2 of them remain. Maybe we should rethink the size of this house."
Was said with a chuckle.

  "Only 2, wow that went down since I left. So, who are the last one’s still there?"
Richard was surprised.

  "There’s Luke. He’s been training a lot recently. His shadow magic is really something. In fact, it makes Jacksons power look pretty darn rubbish if you ask me. Then there's Annabelle. She’s been a bit distant from me, but she works hard."

  "Annabelle and Luke. I remember those kids, they were pretty caring back when I lived there."

  "They are still good kids, but it feels like I don't know Annabelle like Luke does.
   Anyway, we're getting off topic. You said you had something to tell me?"

  "Oh right. While living here I got myself a girlfriend recently."

  "Y-You have finally decided to settle down? A-And w-with a w-woman?"

  "Well the thing is, it’s not the happy ending you might be thinking. Two Months ago, we were attacked by someone. She was killed before I could save her."
Muttered Richard.

  "Oh god. Are you ok?"
Jonah Asked.

  "Actually, that's not the worst of it. I think the guy who killed her was a Valkerius. I swear I saw him during the fight between our planets. I believe his name is Ruckus Dozank."

  "Wait, a Valkerius but how? They were all trapped in the crystal, right?"
Now Jonah was starting to worry.

  "Actually, the crystal is starting to break. There are some gaps and I think about three of them have escaped so far. That’s not all, the crystal has reshaped itself and is now somewhere on earth."
Richard told Jonah.

  "Wait what? are you telling me the crystal is now on earth?"
Jonah replied, with slight panic.

  "It appears it is. I have no idea how it got here, but it appears that when they break free, they will come for us."

  "Oh crap. We need to tell Luke and Annabelle the truth, don't we?"

  "Yes, we do. It is indeed time for them to know the truth about their magic."

  Richard came through a portal that happened to be in the kitchen and stood next to Jonah. Together they headed towards the opposite side of the house.

  At the opposite side of the house is a room known as the training room. It is where I have been learning how to use my Shadow magic. Like I said, my name is Luke Maple (Just in case you forget who was telling). My black hair comes to the top of my ears, I have a short left side fringe. I have very green eyes that stand out in a crowd for sure, not that I have been in a huge crowd other than when all of the babies lived here, but we were babies. I tend to wear necklaces which are usually black and that is what I’m wearing right now. I’m wearing black shorts with a blue line at each side, along with a black tank top vest which covers a tiny part of the top of my shorts. I’m also wearing a watch on my left arm as I like to know the time. I am five feet nine and in pretty good shape but that might be coming from five years of magic training. I might not understand the reason behind my powers, but I knew I had to get stronger with them for something, so I decided to not bother going to school and instead focus on magic.

  However, Annabelle was different. She went to school and didn't have as much time to learn and study her magic. She left school last year at sixteen and since then has been training just like me. Annabelle has brown hair, chocolate brown to be exact. She is curvy with long hair and a right sided fringe. She also likes to wear makeup regularly. Annabelle likes to wear jeans, she is currently wearing dark blue jeans with a light blue thin jumper, which reveals a bit of her shoulder. She’s five feet six so not that much shorter than me. She’s quite a busty girl if I say so myself. She is also very happy and tends to enjoy life more than me. Recently though, she has been keeping secrets from Jonah, because she fears he will not except her secret.


  Annabelle's secret is that she has a girlfriend. She realized she likes girls from an experience she had at school. She has been dating a girl for 3 months. I have no problem with it, in fact I told her to go for it, as she came to me wondering what to do about a girl she likes that she met a while ago. Me and Annabelle have been growing up in this household together, so we’re pretty much like siblings. We’re good friends and we respect each other. I have also been covering for Annabelle when she has gone out to meet with this girlfriend of hers. I have never met her personally, but her name is Emily and from what Annabelle has told me about her, she seems like a very nice caring girl.

  "Thanks for covering for me the other day."
Said Annabelle.

  "No problem. Did you have fun?"

  "Of course. We went to the opened-up amusement park 10 minutes from here. Could you cover for me again today please?"

  I replied with slight disappointment.
 “Well alright, but make sure you do some magic training tomorrow. Maybe we can have a sparring battle to see how much you have improved recently?"

  "Sure, that sounds like fun. Anyway, I’ll be back later, I’m going to meet Emily in the woodlands nearby, so thanks again Luke."

  "Wait you’re going now?"
I questioned.

  Annabelle gave me a hug, she then grabbed her coat and headed outside. Annabelle headed towards where Emily was waiting for her. I looked shocked, as she’s usually pretty good at telling me beforehand about her dates, and when I need to cover for her, but this time it was kind of out of the blue. As I watched her leave the fields in the background, I heard a voice from behind.
  "Ok Luke, I need to tell you something. It’s important, where is Annabelle? she needs to know the truth as well."

  "Annabelle, erm she's not in at the moment."

  "Your covering for her right? Wait, is she with that Emily girl again?"
Responded Jonah.

  I looked at Jonah with shock on my face. So, Jonah knows about Emily, but how I thought to myself.

  "How do you know about Emily exactly?"

  "There is some secret camera's I forgot to get rid of. I might have used them to see why Annabelle has been so distant lately. For the record I have no problem with Annabelle dating a girl. That's her life and I’m happy for her, but I would like to speak to the both of you right now if possible."

I looked at Jonah with a disappointed expression on my face and said,
"So, you’ve been spying on us? That's low even coming from you."

  "Yes, it's low but I don't have the time to wait. What's Emily’s last name?"
asked Jonah.

  "Erm, I think it was Emily Dozank why?"
I responded with.

  At that moment, Jonah was frozen with shock and so was Richard, as he had just walked in when I said her last name.

  "Oh, that ain't good. That's the surname of the guy that killed the girl I was dating. Also, he’s a Valkerius."
Richard said to me.

  "Girl? and what’s a Valkerius?"
I asked.

  "We will tell you in time but right now I believe Annabelle could be in danger. That Emily girl is a threat."
 Jonah said to me with panic in his voice.

 I better go and find her then."

  I grabbed my scythes which I use to cast some of my shadow magic and headed off to find Annabelle.

  I will take a moment to explain my magic, then Annabelle's. First off, my magic is shadow magic. I can turn myself into a shadow that can move around at fast pace and can be used to attack people. In this shadow form I can do 3 moves, which are Shadow Driver, in which I attack from above and use my body to slam into my enemy. Then there’s shadow slash, in which I slash my opponent about 10 times in a row using my body. People would have a hard time fighting that, as they can't get me when I’m in that form but my shadow form only lasts 20 seconds at a time, it then needs a 30 second charge to be reused. My final shadow ability is Shadow under driver, in which I attack from underground. These shadow moves are powerful, and I’ve trained a lot to make them work properly. I then have my two scythes, which allow me to actually create other shadows, that can help me out in battle. They can also create a magical blast if used correctly. Finally, I can use my scythes as a weapon as well. In all I have a pretty good fighting style going on.

  Annabelle's magic is different. She controls the element of Ice. She can blast ice from her hands, and thanks to the training recently, she can blast it for longer periods. She's pretty quick at casting her ice, and can also create ice pits for people to fall in. She's been trying to work on an ice form. The ice form is meant to make her body with stand attacks more. Also, this form is meant to be able to unleash way more powerful ice.
  Anyway, Annabelle has met up with her girlfriend Emily and they are walking through a nearby woodlands. They are holding hands, Annabelle looks at Emily and says,
  "This woodland sure is quiet today. I remember just the other day when this place was packed."

   "That was because of the event that was happening, these places usually are pretty quiet."
Emily responded with.

 Emily is a girl at average height. She has medium length, rose pink coloured hair. She’s wearing a navy, short skirt. Her upper half is covered by an opened Black jacket. You can also see the purple coloured shirt, she’s wearing underneath. She has eyeliner around her eyes.

  Annabelle and Emily continued their discussion until they reached the end of the woodlands. Emily was Annabelle's first girlfriend. They got to an open area with lots of grass. There was a huge tree in the center. Annabelle's heart is always beating fast when she is around Emily.
 Emily let go of Annabelle's hand and headed towards the tree. Annabelle's face drops as she lets go of her hand. Emily turns around and says,
  "Annabelle, I am not the person you think I am."
  Emily's eyes turn evil, Annabelle looks on. She is shocked at what is happening. With a scared tone in her voice, she gets the courage to ask,
"What are you talking about Emily?"

  Before Emily can respond, a man comes out from behind the tree. It’s the man who killed the woman Richard was with. His name is Ruckus and he’s the father of Emily. He’s five feet eleven and wears black jeans and a brown shirt, which as a bleeding heart in the center. He has Scraggy ginger hair and a goatee beard. He has a chubby belly that is hanging out of his shirt. Ruckus clenches his fists together and stands next to Emily.
  "Well done Emily. You have worked perfectly and now I will take it from here."

  Annabelle's unaware of who Ruckus is and why Emily is doing this. So she asks,
 "Who are you? and Emily, why are you doing this to me?"

  "I am Emily Dozank and I am a Valkerius, which means my mission is to kill you."

  Annabelle out of instinct, got into a fighting position from all the training she and I had been doing. She then started creating a small portion of ice magic, just in case she had to use it to attack. Just as Annabelle did this, Emily put out her hands and poisonous plants appeared from them. It was dark magic, she then sent the plants to attack Annabelle. She quickly dodged the plants and went to attack Emily, however Ruckus stepped in and hit her with a blast of his powerful dark water magic. He can create boiling black water, which hurts like hell on the skin. Ruckus blasted Annabelle with a second dose, this attack sent Annabelle flying across the area. She landed on the ground and got quite a few bruises due to it.

  "Seriously, you think you can beat me. You’re so pathetic and I know you’re a Reborn Kelephonion. I should let you know, Our ultimate goal is to exterminate all the reborn Kelephonions. Starting with you, ANNABELLE."
Ruckus said.

  Emily started walking towards Annabelle. She sent out some plants, which she used to attack her, while she was defenseless on the ground.

  "Stop that Emily. I will finish her off with one single strike. Annabelle, you should know we are not the only ones out here. Naout is also out here searching for the reborn Kelephonions as we speak. I am sure that he will stop the one you call Luke."

  As soon as Ruckus said that name, Annabelle turned her head more towards him.
  Her expression turned to anger, and she aggressively asked,
  "Wait, Luke is outside looking for me?"

  "Of course he his. He’s like a brother to you. So, he’s your family and when Naout finds him, he will be joining you in death."

  Ruckus then aimed his dark water magic straight at Annabelle. He was creating a very powerful magic blast attack, that would have certainly killed her, if it had connected. Just as he sent his blast directly at Annabelle, a girl suddenly swoops in to save the day. The girl picks up Annabelle in her arms and quickly moves far away from Ruckus and Emily. While the girl is saving Annabelle, Annabelle stares at her in shock. Her heart starts beating fast. The girl smiles at her, as the two of them crash into a nearby bush.

  While they both lay in the bush for about two seconds, Annabelle is holding the mystery girls hand. Annabelle quickly notices this and gets up with a blushed expression on her face. The mysterious girl who saved her, also stands up and wipes the leaves from her blue skirt. She is also wearing a white tank top and long black boots. She has blonde hair, with a side fringe and pigtails coming down at both sides. Annabelle and the girl look at each other. Both girls are slightly nervous at what just happened. After a second of wondering, Annabelle said,
  "Thanks for saving me."                             

  "Don’t mention it. You would have been a goner if I didn't step in."

  "So, if you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"
  Annabelle asked.

  "My name, my name is Kati. Kati Lovely and what is your name?"

  "Kati, that’s a pretty name. My name is Annabelle."

The two of them smiled at each other like you had just met your destined one. Kati looked at Annabelle's leg, which had quite a few cuts from been attacked earlier.
  "Is your leg ok? It looks like it might be hurt."
Kati looked worried.

"My leg is a little sore."
Annabelle replied with.

Kati bent down in front of Annabelle.
  "You can get on if you want. I’ll give you a piggy back to where I live. Then I can put a bandage on to help your leg."

  For a moment Annabelle hesitated to get on Kati's back, but after realizing her legs were in pain, she decided to accept the offer. Annabelle climbed onto Kati's back and held on. She noticed how warm her back was and started to blush a little. After moving forward, Kati asked Annabelle a question.

  "So, if you don’t mind me asking, who was that man and woman that was attacking you?"

  Annabelle looked a little sad but decided to tell Kati anyway.
  "I don’t know who that man was, but the girl was my girlfriend, although I guess you could say ex-girlfriend now."

  Kati showed an expression of shock on her face after hearing what Annabelle just told her.

  "I’m sorry to hear about that. I really am. So, your also into girls?"

  "Yeah I am, wait, does that mean you like girls as well Kati?"
  Annabelle asked with a little bit of excitement in her eyes.

  "Yes, it does. I have been this way all my life, well since I was 13 actually."

  The two girls headed north to where Kati lives. They both had expressions of wonder on their faces. Annabelle rested her head on Kati's back, and she closed her eyes.
Meanwhile back at the area with the tree. Ruckus and Emily are puzzled at what just happened.

  "Ok, who just saved Annabelle exactly. I sensed something about her."
  "I think she’s a Kelephonion. That must have been the reason she saved my Annabelle."

  "Your Annabelle. Are you getting jealous of that girl? I thought your relationship was fake?"
Laughed Ruckus.

  "Of course not, I’m not jealous, who would want to date that piece of trash."
Emily moodily responded with.

Emily walked past her father. She then kicked the ground.

  "Dear daughter of mine, no need to kick the ground like that. You will have time to play soon enough, for now we will retreat and let Naout do his thing."

  "Retreating, that's for chumps. Isn’t it time for us to kill some of them?"
Just as Emily said this, her face had now become red with rage. Her eyes had turned sour and some plants came out of her hands again.

  "We shall stick to the plan for now. Our time is not over. After all, it's just beginning."
   So back to me, and I’m still searching for Annabelle. I was told earlier that she would meet Emily in a nearby woodlands, and because this is the only woodlands area, I came here to look. As I was looking through the trees, shouting Annabelle's name, I heard a sound coming from behind me. I turned around to see a man. Suddenly the trees around me started to catch fire, as the dark magic this guy was using is fire magic. The man put out his left fist and aimed it at me.
 "So, you’re the Luke that I was told to kill. My name is Naout, not that telling you my name will let you live any longer."

  Naout is a shady looking man with dark blue hair. He only wears black trousers with a fire logo across them. He’s topless and his body is in great shape, as well as covered in flames.

  "I don't know who you are, but I don't have time to waste on you."

  "I bet you're scared. You should be little boy, as my flames can burn every soul to death, and to you Kelephonions, that death will be the most wicked pain you could ever feel."
Naout responded with, whilst he had such an evil grin on his face.

  I shaked my right hand and moved my body a little forward. I then grabbed my two scythes that I usually have on my back and got ready to battle.

  "I guess my five years of training was for this very day."
I told myself.

  Naout put his hands together and created a fire ball. He tossed the fire ball in my direction, I quickly dodged the attack and went to attack him with my two scythes. Naout quickly jumped over me, and shot another fireball, this time at my back. Before the fire could touch me, I turned into my shadow form. I then attacked Naout with my shadow strike move, this sent him to the ground. I then turned back into my normal self and held the scythes at Naout’s body.

  "Wow, you sure got skills little man. That shadow form is pretty impressive. However."
  Naout suddenly changed his entire body into fire. He then shot a huge fire attack at my direction. I was sent flying onto the ground. He stood back up and then headed to where I was laying. Naout wanted to finish me off, however I changed into my shadow form once more, this time I attacked him from underground, which knocked him into the air. He then fell to the ground again.
"Go on then. Finish me off, I dare ya."
Shouted Naout.

 "I’m not a killer."

 As I looked at Naout, his expression told me I was a coward.

  "You have to kill me. You don’t know what us Valkerius can do when locked up do you?"

  "What's a Valkerius?"
I replied with.

  "You don't even know that. Has he even told you anything about your magic?"
Naout said with a chuckle.

  "I know that I have magic, but I don't know anything about it."

  "Then I guess I should inform you. My kind have a magic that allows us to track down each other. With that in mind, if you did lock any of us up, the other Valkerius would easily rescue them. This means the only way to stop us, is to kill us. Prison won’t work with our kind."
He explained.

 Just as he told me that, Naout blasted another fire ball at my direction, however I managed to block it with my two scythes. I then used the scythes to create shadow minions that surrounded Naout.
  Naout attempted to head on fight me but I suddenly became my shadow self once more and I slammed into him from above. This attack knocked him out again. I took the scythe and aimed it at his chest.
Naout slowly opened his eyes.
  "I am Naout and I am born from darkness. My magic is darkness and everything about my species comes from pure darkness. You can kill me, but this is just the beginning. That crystal is starting to break, and each day more of us will invade this planet. Eventually THEY will head here and once that happens, you guys stand no chance in victory. So go ahead and finish me off but this is just the beginning little man."

  Naout said this while his eyes turned to black, and a dark aura surrounded him. Before he can say anymore, I put my two scythes into him. Instead of bleeding, his body turns into black dust, which disappears. Even though I just defeated him, I feel sad about taking his life.

Who was that guy? Who are the Valkerius? Who am I really? What’s this Crystal?

Each of these questions were popping into my head at that very moment.

  I started to walk forward to escape the scene that I had just encounted. Because of Naout’s fire magic, most of the trees in the surroundings had been burned down, and now the place looked a bit less forest like. I headed left as I saw a lake in the distance. I wanted to wash my face and wake myself up a bit. I walked past some trees that were not burned down and I walked past a lake cottage to see a very unusual sight. There was someone sat near the lake. I couldn't see their face, all I could see was their long blue hair. They seemed to be wearing a black dress, so I presumed that it was a girl. As I walked forward, it was clear that I was correct. She seemed to be alone. So, I politely asked,
  "Hello, are you alright?"

  Just as I said those few words, the girl who was sitting near the lake, turned her head, and as she did, I saw her face. Wow, she was beautiful, I thought to myself. The girl had blue eyes and very white skin, that shined with the moons light. The moon came out just as I looked at the girl’s face. She looked my way, her eyes told me she was a little nervous, from the way her body was, this told me she was also scared. I walked a little forward, as I did, I noticed a white scar on the side of her face. When I noticed the scar, the girl turned away and became really nervous. I walked up to her and put my right hand on her shoulder and said,
  "You don't have to be scared of me. What's your name? If you don’t mind me asking."
  The girl looked at me once more. This time I could see a little bit of a relaxation on her face. The girl replied with,
  "I am Lucy. What may I call you?"

  I looked at Lucy with a smile and answered her question with.
 "I’m Luke. It's nice to meet you Lucy. Why are you here alone?"

  "I am scared that people won't like me because of this scar. I don't even know why I have it."

  "That scar isn't that bad. Actually, I think it makes you look pretty awesome."

 I sat next to Lucy and she then started to talk to me.

  "Why is it that this scar doesn’t worry you? And how can you be so friendly to someone you just met?"

  I looked at the girl and tried to offer her some hope.
"No matter what that scar is, I am not the kind of person to judge you. I am not exactly human myself. Actually, I don’t know what I am."

  "You don’t know what you are?"
  She responded with, whilst looking a little puzzled.
  "I have magic. Shadow magic to be exact. I don’t know why I was born with it.”

  "Magic! that’s amazing. Sadly I don’t remember my past. Everything is a blur to me except for the last two years."
While Lucy said this, she teared up a little.

  I stood up and offered Lucy my hand, Lucy grabbed my hand and I helped her to her feet. As she stood up, I saw that she was wearing a long black dress with a skull in the center, she also wore tights. I noticed how beautiful she is, as she stood closer to me. Also, her scent was very sweet. When she stood up, Lucy fell a little, but I caught her in my arms, for a moment the two of us looked at each other, like all that mattered in the world was the two of us. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she never got this close to a guy before. Just as we both realized what was happening, Lucy moved back a little and stood up straight. She touched her stomach with her right hand.

  "Are you hungry?"
  I asked.

  "Maybe just a little, but I lost my home in a storm a few weeks ago. I’ve been living in that cottage over there, ever since then."

  "Wow, I didn't expect that. Is it hard living this way?"

   "Kind of. I don't have any money. I have been living on fish that I have been catching in this lake for 2 weeks now, I just wish I could find somewhere else to live."

  I couldn’t leave Lucy. She is a mystery but so am I. So, I decided I would help the girl out.

  I grabbed her hand again and asked her,
  "Would you like to live with me? The house I live at is pretty big, so I imagine we won't mind another guest living there."

"Really, you don't mind me living with you? You barely know me. Why would you want to help me of all people?"

  I grabbed Lucy's other hand and brought myself closer to her.
  While looking into her eyes I told her,
  "I know we just met, but I can’t leave someone like you on your own eating fish for the rest of your life. It’s true I don't know much about you, but I can learn about you over time. Also, for some reason, I feel like I was destined to meet you today, so if you want to come and live with me, you’re welcome to. It’s a nice house and I know you would love it. Also, you can eat more than just fish."

  Lucy smiled and decided it was fine. I let go of her hands and we headed back towards where me and Annabelle live. At that point I had forgot that I was searching for Annabelle. The only thing on my mind was helping this Lucy girl out, plus after that battle, I needed a rest myself.
 So, I took Lucy back to the house.

    Meanwhile, Annabelle’s currently in Kati’s house. Kati disinfects the cuts, and then wraps a bandage around Annabelle’s leg. Afterwards Annabelle looks at Kati and asks her,
  “The way you saved me, your reflexes, didn’t seem human to me, is there a reason why?”

  Kati is hesitant to tell Annabelle about her magic. She notices how uncomfortable Kati is and says,
  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry or make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just.”

  And then Annabelle starts to create some ice from her hand to show Kati that she has magic. Kati is shocked to see this and decides to tell Annabelle something herself.
  “That ice is really pretty, I should tell you I have magic myself.”

  As she says that, Kati leaps onto the chair in the background. She leaps like a cat. Annabelle is sat on a sofa next to the chair at this point. Kati jumps towards Annabelle, Annabelle for a moment wonders what she’s doing, until Kati changes into a tiny cat. Annabelle stares at Kati the cat.
  “Aww your so cute and tiny.”
  Annabelle says with a smile.

  The cat’s fur is a mixture of both brown and blonde. She has white fur underneath, leading up to her chin. Her fur is also very soft and fluffy.

  Annabelle begins to rub the cat’s chin, but it gets weird when Kati turns herself back into a human. For a moment Kati is sat on Annabelle’s lap, while Annabelle’s rubbing her chin. They give each other a confused look and instantly stop. Kati gets off Annabelle and sits next to her instead. She then suddenly grows cat ears, a cat tail and most importantly sharp claws. She appears to have a cat girl vibe now.

  “I can transform into both a cat and a cat girl.”
Kati told Annabelle.

  Annabelle smiled at Kati and thanked her once more for saving her from Emily. Kati who was also smiling, told her no problem. Annabelle did wonder about something though, there seems to be no parents or siblings.

  “How come you live alone?”

  “I did have adopted parents, but they abandoned me on the streets and forced me to live on my own a few years ago.” 
Kati replied with.

  “I am so sorry to hear that. Why would they do that to you?”
 Annabelle replied with, whilst placing her hand onto Kati’s shoulder for comfort.
  “Many reasons, firstly when they found out I liked chicks. They eventually got over that but then they found out I have powers and decided they didn’t want me anymore.”

  Annabelle held Kati just a little tighter and said,
“I never could imagine people to be so cruel, I am sorry that you had to experience that on your own.”

   “Don’t worry, I’m ok, I was in tears for a while but living on my own has made me try and get past it. Anyway, enough about me, what about you. Do you have parents? And what are they like?”

  “I have a dad like figure and a brother like figure.”

  Kati wondered why Annabelle said like figure and asked,
  “Like figure? So, you mean step dad and step brother?”

  “Nope, what I mean is Jonah never really adopted us, but we have grown up together all our life, so we’re pretty much a family at this point.”

  Kati was shocked when Annabelle mentioned Jonah.
  “Jonah? That name for some reason seems very familiar to me.”

  Kati got up and walked towards the back of the living room. She opened a draw and looked for something, eventually after looking for a few minutes she found it.

  “What are you looking for exactly?”
  “This is it, I knew the name seemed familiar.”

   “What have you found?”
   Questioned Annabelle.

  “This is the form from the place I was adopted. It says here that Jonah Solliair was the one who signed me to what was my adopted parents at the time.”

  Annabelle’s face lit up. Her expression became shocked and she said,
  “Wait, that’s the place I live at. So, we were once living together in the past?”

  “Yeah, I guess we were, but according to this, I was only at that place for six months.”
Replied Kati.

  Annabelle looked at Kati and wondered what the odds of both of us having powers really were. Or maybe there’s a reason behind this.

  “I think Jonah is keeping secrets from us. I feel like there must be a reason me, you and Luke all have magic powers.”

  Kati nodded her head and started to wonder herself. Annabelle then looked at a clock on the wall and realized the time. She then started to panic.

  “Thank you for saving me and giving me the bandage. However, I must be heading back, I need to know that Luke is ok, after all, I was told he went searching for me.” 

  “Can I go with you? I get pretty lonely by myself all the time.”

  Annabelle looked at Kati and smiled. Her heart was still beating fast, but it calmed down a bit since before. She nodded her head and responded with,
  “Of course you can. After all, what would have happened to me if you didn’t save me back there.”
  Kati put on a coat from the wall and grabbed a second one and asked Annabelle,
  “Would you like this coat? It’s quite cold outside and I wouldn’t want you to get cold.”

  Annabelle started to chuckle a little, but also blushed.
  She responded to Kati’s nice gesture with,
  “Thanks for the offer but remember I can create ice. It takes a lot more than this to get me cold.”

Kati, who’s a little sad about this, is about to put the coat back on the wall, when Annabelle grabs it from behind her and says,
  “I never said I wouldn’t wear it though.”
  Annabelle puts on the coat. Kati walks towards her and helps fix it, as the top part has a fluffy trim and due to it been on the wall for a while, it became a little messy. After helping her fix the coat, Kati smiles at Annabelle and tells her thanks.

  “Thanks for what?”
Annabelle asked.

  “Talking to me, I’ve been alone for so long. I have had some friends in the past and a girlfriend once but that’s going back a few years now.”

  Annabelle who is still smiling at Kati, responds to her with,
  “It’s funny how things turn out. You saved me, but I have also saved you from loneliness.”
 Annabelle grabbed Kati’s hand and they left the house together.
  Me and Lucy have just made it back to my home. Jonah and Richard have been waiting quite some time to hear from either of me or Annabelle. Jonah looks at Lucy and wonders who she is. Before he can ask me, I step in with,
  “So, before you ask who this girl is, what’s a Valkerius and what’s the real reason I have shadow magic?”

  Jonah looked at Richard who nodded his head and then Jonah answered back with,
  “I need to tell both you and Annabelle. How come she’s not with you? You were supposed to find her remember.”

  “I went out looking for her, but some guy called Naout bumped into me. He said he was a Valkerius and his people aim to kill us. What’s he talking about?”
  As soon as I said that Lucy looked at me wondering what I meant by that also.

  “There is truth to that story but where is Annabelle?”

  Just as he said that, Annabelle along with Kati walked into the building. Kati looked around trying to see if anything looked familiar.

  “I am right here and alive. So what is it you want to tell us?”

  I looked at Kati wondering who she is, and Annabelle looked at Lucy wondering who she is.
  Before we could question each other, Jonah began to talk,
  “Ok, so I need to tell you both something important. Luke and Annabelle, you are both Kelephonions.”

  I looked at Annabelle and then back at Jonah and replied with,
  “Kele what?”
  “You are both Kelephonions, or to be more precise, you are past Kelephonions reborn as someone new.”

  Annabelle looked at Jonah with a look of confusion and worry and asked,
  “So, you mean to say, we’re someone else from another life?”

  Richard stepped in to say.
 “I guess you could put it like that. You are all living now due to Jonah’s powerful reborn spell.”

  I’m still wondering what any of this means so I ask,
  “Ok, Jonah I think it’s about time you explained to us the truth about everything.”

  “Ok, I should tell you that in the past our people lived on a planet called Kelevaxion. We were happy people with exceptional magical powers. One day a dark planet called Valkyria began destroying our world. The people on the Valkyria are known as Valkerius. They wiped us out and only one village, me and Richard remained. I was trying to protect that village one day, but I failed and 250 Kelephonions died. We were about to be killed, when I used a magic that would change our location and bring all 250 Kelephonions back but as different people. Richard also used a magic that sealed the Valkerius in an ice crystal. We hoped that would be forever, but it seems the Valkerius are breaking free from the crystal now, which is why I needed to tell you the truth today.”

  Annabelle looked at me with shock on her face, Kati grabbed Annabelle’s hand and spoke.
  “So, we all have enemies then?”

  Jonah who seemed puzzled by this asked Kati,
  “Wait, who are you exactly?”

  Annabelle stepped in to tell Jonah who Kati is.
  “This girl’s name is Kati and she saved me. She took me to her place, and I found out she was born here just like me and Luke.”

  “Kati! What’s your second name? It’s not Lovely by any chance, is it?”

  I should step in to say something. You see in the past, Jonah decided to give all the 250 Kelephonions different second names. It would just be easier, than having everyone have the same last name.

  Kati’s face lit up with wonder, Annabelle remained holding Kati’s hand. 
  “That is my second name. Hello, I am Kati Lovely.”

  “I remember that name, you were one of the first babies to be adopted. Wow, I never thought you would be back here. How is life with your adopted parents?”

   “Not great, they abandoned me for having magic. I have been living on my own for about three years now.”
Kati answered with.

  Jonah looked a little sad, he tilted his head to the right a little.
  “I’m so sorry to hear about that. You are more than welcome to live here with us if you want?”

  “Really, that would be great.”
Said Kati, as her face lit up with excitement.

  After Jonah said that, Annabelle welcomed Kati to the place with a big hug. It seems everyone had forgotten what Jonah just told us. I had too many questions that needed answering to leave it there.

  “Ok Jonah, about the Valkerius, how do we deal with them? You can’t just ignore it.”
  “Luke, I will tell you more about the plan tomorrow. I do however have one last question. who is that girl with you exactly?”
 Lucy looked a bit worried by how Jonah phrased that question. I however had a confident answer.
  “After taking out Naout, I then went to a nearby lake. I found this girl sitting there. Her name is Lucy and I was wondering if she could live with us? She doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

  “I’m guessing she’s not a Kelephonion like us then?”

  Lucy got the courage to respond to that question,
  “I honestly don’t know what I am. I don’t remember my first few years at all. Luke helped me, and it would be incredible if I could help him in return.”

  Annabelle smiled at Lucy and put out her hand.
  “I don’t see the problem with letting her stay with us. The more the merrier right?”

  Lucy shaked Annabelle’s hand. I smiled at Annabelle and then we turned our faces towards Jonah and Richard.
  “Ok, Lucy I will let you stay here. Kati, you can share Annabelle’s room, so you don’t feel lonely anymore, I must tell you that there is only one bed in that room however, and Lucy you can have the room opposite Luke’s. I will explain what I have planned related to the Valkerius tomorrow, so for now, enjoy the evening.”

  Jonah and Richard left the room. Annabelle and Kati looked at each other with a smile on their faces. Lucy walked towards them and said,
  “Hi, I’m Lucy Harmica. Nice to meet you both.”

  Annabelle gave Lucy a hug to welcome her to the team. Kati then wanted to properly introduce herself to the team as well.
  “My name is Kati Lovely. It seems I am also a Kelephonion like you guys.”

  I shaked Kati’s hand before asking her,
  “Does that mean you have some kind of magic then?”

  “Yeah I do. I can show you it, if you want?”

  “Yes, please if you don’t mind showing us it.”

  Kati then turned into the cat, followed by the cat girl form. It was incredible, and Annabelle’s face showed some joy while watching it. I walked over to her as I wanted to ask her something,
  “Annabelle what happened with Emily? Jonah told me her dad is a Valkerius, so I went out searching for you, but I found Lucy instead.”
  “It’s sad, it turns out Emily was also a Valkerius. She tricked me all along, in hopes to kill me. It was lucky that Kati showed up in time to save me. She really saved my life today.”
  Annabelle replied with.

  Saddened by this news, I put my arm on her shoulder for sympathy and said,
  “I am truly sorry about Emily. I had to kill a Valkerius called Naout. Apparently, that’s the only way to defeat Valkerius. I am happy that your safe. Kati must have made a big first impression on you, the way your smiling. I swear I have never seen you smile like that before.”

 Annabelle’s face blushed bright red, as she responded with,
  “Not only did she save me, but she took care of my wounds. I don’t know, I just feel a better connection with Kati. I am sad about Emily, but I guess everything happens for a reason. What about you and Lucy?”

  “What about Lucy? I found her all alone by a lake. I had to help her.”

  Annabelle smiled while she lifted both her arms up and said,
  “I don’t know why, but I feel like you meeting Lucy and me meeting Kati today was destiny. Like we were supposed to meet them.”

  I nodded my head.
  I do wonder about Annabelle’s words.
  Were our meetings today destiny.
  I guess only time will tell.

Chapter 3 – Training

  I took Lucy down the hall to show her where she would be sleeping. This house has many spare rooms, so Lucy living here won’t become a problem with space. Her room is marked 108 on the door. When Richard created the house in the past, I was told that he gave a number to each room, to represent each Kelephonion. I am number 109, the room opposite Lucy’s room. Annabelle’s room is 76, So, she is on a different hallway to me and Lucy. Rooms 1 to 80 are on hallway 1, rooms 81 to 170 are on hallway 2 and rooms 171 to 250 are on hallway 3. It’s the biggest house you might ever witness. Anyway, I opened the door to room 108. Lucy walked into the room first, I then followed her in. Lucy sat on the bed, seen as Lucy was living in a lake cottage, she didn’t really have anything to bring. Room 108 had a single bed with a pink quilt cover. It also has a wardrobe on the right hand side, and its very own small bathroom.
  Speaking of bathrooms, each room in the house has its own bathroom in fact.

  Anyway, Lucy turned to face my direction. She has a happy look across her face.
 “Wow, this room is just for me. Thank you Luke, I really want to thank you for allowing me to come with you.”

  I returned the smile back and responded with,
  “No problem Lucy. Some people might run for the hills when meeting someone who doesn’t know about their past, but I’m not that kind of guy.”
  I walked over to Lucy and sat next to her on the bed. She turned her head in my direction and with a shy smile she said,
  “Thank you.”

  Me and Lucy spent about 20 minutes that evening chatting and getting to know each other better, while we did that, Annabelle is showing Kati her new room.

  “So, this is where you will be staying. I hope it’s ok.”
 “It’s more than ok. Afterall I now have a friend.”
  Just when Kati said that, she looked at Annabelle. Her face went bright red, she was hoping they had become friends.

  “That’s of course, if we are friends?”
  Kati asked Annabelle Nervously.

  “Of course we’re friends. Today wasn’t just about saving each other, today was about something better.”

  Kati smiled at Annabelle. She then asked,
  “So, what’s today about then?”

  “Finding each other.”

  The girls smiled once more, before Annabelle headed towards the shower. She turned around and showed Kati the bathroom, which comes with a shower, toilet, sink and even a bath. Kati and Annabelle spent the evening chatting as well. I guess nobody really knew what was about to happen in the days ahead.
  So, we now move on to the next day. To be precise the afternoon. we had already got showered, had food and we all headed into the training room ready for whatever Jonah had planned for us. We all pretty much stood in a line, patiently waiting for Jonah to make his entrance. Before he entered, I asked Annabelle how Kati is feeling after yesterday and Annabelle asked me how Lucy was doing. In both cases, pretty good. After a few minutes of chit chat, Jonah finally came into the room grinning.

“What’s with that look Jonah?”
  I asked.

  “Whatever do you mean? Oh, you mean this look, well, you’re going to find out very soon.”

  He then made a big speech about the Valkerius and what our aim will be,
  “So, I didn’t tell you guys enough about the Valkerius yesterday did I, well, let’s get straight to the point, they are demons from a dark world. There not human, just like us. They all have unique magical powers. You must kill them to defeat them once and for all. You see Valkerius have a power within them that allows them to track other Valkerius, if say, they were locked up. With that inside them, locking one up, could just send them all to one location and if that happens we will be outnumbered for sure. They are from a dark world, not human, so we have to kill them for the sake of earth and humanity. If this is too much for you, then you can walk away now but please don’t, as we need as much help as we can get, for the ultimate task of wiping out all Valkerius once and for all, as they are released from the crystal.”

  I looked at Jonah after that long speech and asked,
  “So it’s us 5, against potentially an entire alien race?” 

  “Currently yes, but as well as take out Valkerius, we will also be recruiting Kelephonions just like Kati.”

  Annabelle looked a little puzzled and questioned,
  “And how would we recruit them exactly? I don’t imagine you know where the remaining 247 Kelephonions went do you?”

  “I don’t have records anymore, except the first six which included Kati. Don’t worry though, I have been working on a machine that can track down Kelephonions for us. That’s not the issue today though.”

  Just as Jonah said that, he lifted his right arm up and casted a huge spell in the center of the room.        The spell had a purple colour to it. What appeared from the circle was a person. Well, more like a training dummy. Jonah then went on to say,
  “Ok, so you might be wondering what on earth this is. Well it’s what I want to call the Kelephonion training dummy. We need to train you all to be able to fight and dodge to your very best ability.”

  Everyone looked at Jonah and then we stood in a perfect line with me first, followed by Annabelle, then Kati and finally Lucy. Jonah told us this first training exercise is about combat and mastering your magical skill. In order, we each get five minutes to show how strong our fighting skill is, both in combat and magic. So up first is me of course. I walked towards the dummy, I then clinched my fist’s together and grabbed my scythes from my back and waited for Jonah’s call.

  “Ok Luke, it’s time to see just what five years of training can really do. The real fights a head will be much harder than this, but for now, focus on the dummy. If you destroy it, I can just recreate it. So, be as powerful as you can be.”

  It’s my turn to show everyone, especially Lucy, just how awesome my magic and combat really is. I went straight in with a strike using the scythe on my right hand. It may be a dummy, but the dummy has been programmed to be able to dodge for training purposes. The dummy dodged my first strike, I then moved my right arm back to starting position, striking the dummy in the process. I then launched myself back a little, before doing a front flip strike with my scythe. Next in my attack pattern, I decided to turn into the shadow form and attack from underground, so I attacked the dummy from underneath, in a split second I then came at the dummy from above him. This in turn, attacked the dummy from both below and above with a second in between them. My shadow form ran out of magic, I then did a backflip in the air, followed by a double scythe magic blast, while keeping myself air bourne for a split second. This blast was powerful and did a lot of damage to the dummy. I decided to give it one last shot to take it out, so I turned into shadow form once again and ran at the dummy, I gave it my shadow strike move in my shadow form, which in turn pretty much destroyed the entire thing. That was my training session done for now.

  Jonah looked at me, impressed by how powerful I had become. He then said,
  “Wow Luke, that was amazing. You really know how to attack and use all those training skills you have got in the last five years. Awesome job, you’re up next Annabelle.”

  I walked back to the team and told Annabelle good luck, while we walked past one another.     Annabelle’s specialty is ice magic. I knew this was going to be awesome to watch. Jonah had already made the training dummy back to how it originally was. Jonah shouted at Annabelle,
  “Ok Annabelle, time for you to show me what you’ve got as well.”

  Annabelle’s expression turned from happy to serious. She began casting ice from both her hands and went straight in with an iced hook with her left hand. The attack hit the dummy straight in the face. Annabelle then span around the dummy and shot some ice at the dummy’s neck. She then created a huge ice ball, using both her hands and sent it straight at the dummy. The dummy dodged this attack and turned to face Annabelle, however she had other plans. She continuously blasted ice from both her hands straight at the dummy, before jumping over it. She then created an ice crystal under the dummy’s feet, before destroying it with her hands, which knocked the dummy to the ground. Annabelle then leaped into the air for one last move. She blasted what appeared to be a long thin piece of ice straight into the dummy’s chest. This ended Annabelle’s first training portion and the dummy was destroyed for the second time. Annabelle had a huge smile on her face after her performance. She turned her head to see what Kati thought of it. Kati was amazed by her performance and she gave Annabelle a thumbs up, which made her smile even more.

  Annabelle walked back to the training line. While she did, Jonah said,
  “Annabelle, that was some nice magic you got there. Your attacks are mostly focused on magic and you do your best from a distance. Awesome Job. Kati, you’re up.”
  Annabelle gave Kati a good luck shoulder pat, before standing next to me. Lucy turned her head to purposely look my direction. I smiled at her, Annabelle noticed this and gave off a slight smirk. Anyway, now onto Kati’s first training portion.

  “So, I don’t really know what you can do Kati but if you plan to survive, this training is essential. So, show us how you plan to remain alive.”

  Kati nodded her head and stepped forward. She quickly changed into her cat girl form. Been the little cat wouldn’t really help against enemies. It’s more of a distraction or possibly to get through tiny gaps. Anyway, Kati’s now in her cat girl form. In this form she has cat ears, a cat tail and very sharp cat claws. Kati leaped high into the air. She then jumped onto the left side of the dummy. Within a second of landing on the dummy, she started clawing the face. She used both her hands to go insane with strikes. After this, she did a back flip off the dummy and landed behind it. The dummy turned towards Kati, who quickly slided under its legs. She then jumped back up and clawed the dummy’s legs, followed by a constant striking of the body. She then did two back flips in a row before launching herself forward straight into the dummy. One claw went straight through the chest leaving a giant hole in the middle. It’s safe to say that Kati had beaten it. She headed back to us while looking like she had just learned about her magic.

  “Wow, that was awesome Kati.”
  I said.

  Annabelle hugged Kati, before also telling her how awesome she did. At this point Lucy looked a little worried. Up until now we have no idea what Lucy can do. Does she even have magic?, I guess we should have maybe asked her before this. Either way Lucy was ready to fight the dummy just like the rest of us.

  “Good luck Lucy.”
  I shouted to her.

  Lucy smiled while heading towards to the dummy. Jonah watched Lucy, before saying,
  “Ok this round is almost over. I’m assuming you don’t have magic Lucy. That’s ok, you can still battle. Do your best to fight and take out the dummy.”

  It was Lucy’s moment to shine. Time for her to show us that she’s a part of this team like everybody else. Lucy attacked the dummy with her fists. The dummy constantly dodges each hit, Lucy starts to get a little pissed off by this. She doesn’t want to be left behind, wanting to impress me and everybody else, Lucy hits the dummy with an uppercut. The most shocking twist comes now, Lucy manages to send the dummy into the wall with a single blow. She strikes the middle of the dummy with what could be described as a super strong power punch. I was really shocked with how powerful that punch really was. No human can punch like that. Lucy looked happy as she headed back to the rest of us.

  “Wow Lucy, how did you manage to learn that kind of power exactly?”
  Jonah asked.

  Lucy, who’s still unsure about her past responds with,
  “I actually don’t remember. Most of my life is unknown to me.”

  I congratulated Lucy, that was an impressive attack. Annabelle and Kati also congratulated her. Lucy was happy to remain in the team. Jonah walked over to us all. His face shows he’s Impressed by each of us, he then started to speak some more,
  “Ok, so that definitely shows me that you can all fight. What I need to know now is, can you all defend yourselves, if say someone attacked you from behind?”

  We all knew it was time for round 2. Jonah this time, made it so, that the dummy was not only able to follow us but now the dummy has its own magic. It was only sand magic but it’s training us, for real battles a head.

  “Ok, so this time you will all be given three minutes in which you can’t take a hit from the dummy. You can avoid him, dodge him or block him but if you take a hit your out of this training. So, everybody starting with Luke let’s begin training round 2.”

  I walked forward ready to do the challenge. The dummy ran at me, I quickly evaded his attack. He then turned around and blasted sand in my direction. I was against a wall, while quickly dodging the sand attack, I leaped across the area. The dummy continued to launch many sand blasts at me, but I managed to escape each one. For some reason I found the first attack to be more of a challenge than the sand attacks. Next the dummy disappeared. All I could hear at that time was Jonah’s voice,
  “To make this more interesting, the dummy can randomly teleport to a new location in the room. Please be careful.”

  After Jonah said those words, I noticed the dummy reappear behind me. The dummy went in with a face strike. I however blocked his strike with my 2 scythes, before backflipping twice to escape him. The dummy then sent a huge sand attack straight at the wall I was at. I leaped left to escape the dummy. Next thing I heard was Jonah clapping. My time was up, I had managed to not take a hit in the three minutes. While I was heading back to the team, Kati was heading to the dummy. It seems the order will be different this time round.

  Me, Lucy and Annabelle cheered her on. Kati had an advantage in this mission with her smaller size and speed, due to her cat girl form. Kati already in her form, began her second round of training.
  The dummy charged straight at her. She easily jumped over him. The dummy then began blasting sand at Kati, she avoided the sand by running against the wall. She literally ran across the wall before landing behind the dummy. The dummy turned around and blasted sand at her feet. Kati been super quick, dodged the attack and held her balance on the ceiling. Kati’s skills are pretty interesting, she’s fast, can run along walls, can even run on ceilings. Makes for one hell of a training. She then jumped to the ground, before avoiding 12 continuous sand blasts, by back flipping and kart wheeling to avoid each one. For one final attack, the dummy ran straight at Kati, it seems a normal person would be screwed at this point, but not Kati. She uses the wall behind her to forward leap over the dummy, whilst landing on her feet. When this happens, the time is up and just like me, Kati also managed round two of training.

  I was impressed, Annabelle even more so. The training must continue though. Next up for round two, is Lucy. I have witnessed that Lucy can fight but can she defend herself?.
 As I watched Lucy get ready for her training, I wondered to myself what Lucy’s past really is.
  Back to Lucy’s round, the dummy this time blasts sand in almost every direction. This is to get Lucy off guard, however that isn’t the case. Lucy manages to keep dodging the sand attacks. This round seems way more difficult than mine was. The dummy seems to be constantly blasting sand everywhere. Lucy doesn’t want to lose. The three minutes goes by very fast. Lucy has surprised all of us once again.
While Annabelle heads for her second round, Lucy comes up to me and says,
  “So how was that? Was that good dodging?”

  I was speechless. Lucy really knows how to fight and defend herself, I smiled and said,
  “Lucy, both rounds you were incredible. I am really impressed.”
  I see in her face how happy she was to hear those words coming from me.

 Me and Lucy now turned our eyes towards Annabelle, and the final second round training match. Unlike Kati, Annabelle doesn’t have the speed, this will make it harder for her. Anyway, the dummy starts off with a forward strike, Annabelle dodges it. The dummy is against the wall when it blasts sand at the wall, so it can bounce against the wall and hit Annabelle. As the sand bounces off the wall and towards Annabelle, she manages to dodge it all by leaping forward. This puts Annabelle in a bad situation with her on the ground. The dummy teleports behind her. The dummy strikes at her head, Annabelle manages to stop the hand with her fist just in time. She gets back to her feet, which makes the dummy strike about thirteen constant punches. Annabelle manages to block each punch. After blocking the thirteenth, the dummy sends a huge sand blast at Annabelle, but she dodges it in time by rolling to the right side. This ends the three minutes and that means everyone just beat round two.  

  Jonah is very proud of everyone’s hard work and claps once more before saying,
  “Ok, you have all done well so far. In the battles to come, both combat and defense are needed to survive. Defending yourself might just keep you alive. I have one final round for you all to do. This round will be against me.”

  Jonah gave us all a sticker before continuing to talk to us,
  “For this task, all you have to do is put that sticker on me. Use what you have learned so far and work together. This is the test of team work, it will be vital for you to be able to work as a team in future battles.”
  The four of us surrounded Jonah. It’s time for us to complete the training that Jonah wanted us to do before the real battles begin. I was at the north side of Jonah, Lucy at the west side, Annabelle at the east side and Kati at the south side. It’s time to do this, I thought to myself. I wanted to make the big first impression, so I leaped forward to stick the sticker on Jonah’s face, but Jonah blasted me straight to the ground, while I was close to him. Next Kati and Annabelle rushed in, Kati jumped towards Jonah’s shoulder, but Jonah dodged her. Annabelle came from the side. She striked Jonah a few times while ice was in her hands, but Jonah knocked her down with a spell called Reacher. Lucy attacked Jonah from behind. She tried to put her sticker on Jonah’s leg, but Jonah used a spell to teleport himself away. This however made it simple for Kati. She happened to be in the location Jonah teleported to. Kati jumped at Jonah and placed the sticker on his cheek. She had just beaten the final round of training.

  Now only three left to beat Jonah, I launched myself into the air and blasted Jonah with my Scythe magic. He side stepped this and clicked his fingers at me. This sent me into the corner. Annabelle attempted to put her sticker on Jonah’s hand, but he clicked his fingers once again, sending Annabelle close to me. With Jonah distracted by this, Lucy now got the advantage and stuck her sticker on Jonah’s neck.

  Kati and Lucy, the two new recruits had already beaten this, yet me and Annabelle hadn’t. I guess it’s time to step up my game. Kati starts cheering us on. Me and Annabelle surrounded Jonah who says,
  “Wow this is shocking. Come on Luke, Annabelle, I expected better from you two.”
  I went in with my ten-hit shadow combo, but Jonah dodges it. Annabelle attempted to attack Jonah from behind, but he teleported away. I run at Jonah once more but he clicks his fingers again, which knocks me into the wall. Annabelle takes advantage of this and puts her sticker onto Jonah’s chest.
  “Wow, am I really the last one to do this challenge.”
I thought to myself.

  “I guess we’re saving the best until last, right Luke?”
 Jonah said.

  I didn’t want to let Jonah (My father figure and the guy who helped me train) down. So quickly I changed into my shadow form, I then came up from underground and hit him on the nose with my sticker. That’s right, I did it as well. Jonah looked at me and put out his hand.
  “Luke, that was a perfect hit. That kind of strike might be what’s needed to win against the Valkerius.”

  I shaked Jonah’s hand, before replying with,
  “Jonah, we won’t let you down. Right everybody?”

  Lucy, Annabelle and Kati who at the time all stood near us, said yes.

  “Ok, that’s enough training everybody. I think your all ready to begin. Spend the evening enjoying yourself, as tomorrow the real fighting begins.”

  Jonah started walking away, while he did, I looked at my hands before heading towards the window in the training room. I looked outside, it was rather dark because it was evening. I stared at the sky through the window, before Lucy spoke to me,
  “Are you ok Luke?”

  “I’m good thanks, I’m just wondering what tomorrow and the days after will truly be like.”
  Lucy walked over to me and also looked out of the window, at this point Kati and Annabelle had gone to their room, leaving just the two of us in the training room. As we stared outside, I saw Lucy looking a little scared. I put my arm around her and then said,
  “Don’t worry Lucy, no matter what happens we will protect each other. I will make sure your safe no matter the cost.”

  Lucy’s expression went from scared to relieved. She rested her head against mine and whispered,
  “Thank you. I will protect you too. Most importantly we won’t lose.”

  Two hours later.

  Kati is sat on the bed watching her favourite film on TV, before tomorrow arrives. Annabelle who just had an evening shower, after feeling sweaty from all that training, enters the room wearing just a towel. Kati looks at Annabelle, Annabelle smiles at Kati before asking her,
  “What is it Kati?”

  Kati while blushing, gets the courage to say,
  “Wow, you have such a beautiful figure.”

  Annabelle with blushed cheeks, sat next to Kati on the bed.
  “Thank you. Are you ok Kati?”

  Kati who’s scared about the future, tells Annabelle she’s doing ok, but Annabelle knows that she’s not. Annabelle puts her arms around her and looks her in the eyes.
  “You don’t have to hide it from me. I bet your scared about tomorrow, aren’t you?”

  Kati nods her head, she then leans on Annabelle’s shoulders, while Annabelle gives her a comforting speech to help her.
  “Don’t worry Kati, you’re not alone. I am scared about the future too, I imagine even Luke is. We have no idea who we’re going up against. In fact, me and Luke only just learned about Valkerius in general. Even still, this is bigger than just us. We are alive because Jonah gave us this life. This mission is about saving earth. I will be there alongside you. It will all work out, I promise.”

  After that big speech Kati seemed to be feeling a little better. She lifted her head from Annabelle’s shoulder and responded with,
  “You’re right, I have these powers for a reason. After all, it’s not all bad, I got to meet you thanks to them.”

  Annabelle then stood up and headed towards the wardrobe. She grabbed some purple pyjamas.  “You can have a shower now. If you want afterwards, you can show me this film you’re watching.”

  Kati’s face lit up.
  “Really, I love this film.”
  That evening Annabelle got into her pyjamas. Kati had her shower and then they spent the evening watching her favourite film together, meanwhile after chatting with Lucy for a while, I spent that evening getting in a little extra training.
What will our future be?
What is Lucy’s secret past?
Maybe if you keep reading you will find out.

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